Working On A Grid


Started to work on a grid system for a friend’s business plan book. Going for a two-column layout with six divisions. The wide column is for body text and large photos. Narrow column for page numbers and additional information like captions for photos. This is the third grid layout I have mocked up and it seems to be the most dynamic. Who knows, it might change again, a tad, as I get closer to finish.

Book dimension will most likely be 7 x 9 inches portrait. It was originally 6.5 x 8, but after much thought and trying out a slightly larger dimension, the 7 x 9 feels less like a greeting card and more like a book.

This is all trial and error for right now, but definitely progressing.

I’m going to play with halftone screens for section dividers and background to photos…something I’ve never experimented with. Hoping it will add some visual interest.

Many, many thanks to this book, Grid Systems in Graphic Design, for the needed reference. I encourage any professional or student designer to pick up this book. Definitely worth the price tag.

Stay tuned for updates, should be finished pretty soon and available for you to downlaod a screen quality pdf.

- Randy

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