Tri-Fold Brochure Grid

Harmony EyeCare needs an informational brochure to show around town. Went to work on a grid system that spans the entire spread.

The grid is based on Akzidenz Grotesk 9pt on 13pt leading. If you look at Harmony EyeCare’s stationary set you’ll see how consistent I’m trying to stay.

This is the inside spread:


Update: Revised Grid:


If you notice, each panel of the tri-fold has its own margins (1/4in). I’m wondering if I should keep each grid column equally spaced. It might make more sense this way considering the brochure can open completely flat, unlike most books or magazines.

But I also have to consider how the viewer opens the brochure. Will it look awkward if all 6 columns were equally spaced when only two panels are open? We’ll see. This lil brochure sure is getting a lot of my time. Hopefully it will stand out in a positive way.

- Randy

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