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Industrial Park Typography

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Took a lil trip to Fenton, MO with a friend. We were looking for an abandoned train car we had seen years and years ago. We found it again, along with some great typography. Loving the sans-serifs all around the industrial park. Designed for purpose. Designed for readability from a distance.

Here’s a sample: Helvetica Bold


Check out the flickr set here

Here is another set

I’ve never used Avant Garde in any of my work, but I do love the roundness of the “C” and how the leg and loop of the “R” meet at the same point. See this photo for an example. I think I’ll give this font a chance soon.

I’ve got some interesting plans for the train car pictures. Copper, Etching and Ink will be involved.

- Randy