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You’ve selected… Brown Eyed Girl

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

I’ve probaly spent more hours watching Seinfeld than any other show or movie (Forest Gump and A League of Their Own are probably a close 2nd and 3rd). I love the little inside jokes that Seinfeld creates; the man hands, everything with Puddy, and my god, the anti-dentite.

Everytime then refrence one of their producs or movies I immediately want to create something for it. Once I found a company that had made some fake posters for Seinfelds fake movies I thought, I have to make my favorite.

Another one I really want to do is Sack Lunch.

While not my favorite character on the show, Kramer has had his moments. Drinking scotch and making a jingle for Hennigans was Kramer at his best.

If you really like, you can get the shirt, too!


Postcards For Harmony EyeCare

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Working hard this week on a few postcards and website bits for Harmony EyeCare. The doctor requested a set of postcards to remind current patients that they can order contacts on the site.

Updated on 07/10/2010 with final design.

harmony eyecare postcard front

harmony eyecare postcard back

Might put another contact lens case design into the pattern. We’ll see. The website currently has a callout for ordering contacts in the left column below the main navigation (see After approval of this concept the callout will need to match the postcard for a proper connection between the two. And probably needs to be moved to the header. Gotta keep things consistent.

Another postcard will go out soon reminding patients of their next check-up. I’ll be using a similar pattern as this one but with other elements dealing with eye exams. Update coming soon after feedback from client. Updated with images below.



- Randy

6 Panel Book From Graphic Design 1

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

I believe this was the last project from my Graphic Design 1 class back in the Community College days. I was young, naive, and knew pretty much nothing about typography. I think Goudy Stout was my favorite font at the time, but I’ve since matured.

Anyway, here are the details:
1. No computers! Couldn’t touch em during the semester.
2. Use two different magazines to combine an image with text.
3. 6 square panels including cover.
4. Black and white only.
5. Only tools were photocopier, xacto knife, and rubber cement.

My best guess is that each individual panel needs to convey the message (in this case, love) as well as when all six are combined. I’ll be the first to admit my craftsmanship needed improvement. I was a freshman, give me a break!

The 6 panel book:







- Randy

Love This Billboard

Monday, July 6th, 2009


Driving on I-70 East bound and saw this gem. Among all the horrible billboards every 5 seconds on the highway, this one is refreshing. For several reasons:

1. Looks like a road sign. Easy to read. Simple.

2. Love the graphic of the bed.

3. All text lines up with something. What, Where, and Website are all connected with the graphic.

I believe the only disappointing element is the use of Arial Black (to the best of my knowledge). The leg of the capital ‘R’ and the sharp angle on the top of the lowercase ‘t’ bother me. I wonder what a real highway signage font would look like on this. In case you were wondering, check out the Manual of Traffic Typefaces.

Anyhow, look out for it. The billboard can be found on either side of I-70 around the Warrenton Outlet Mall. Sorry for the poor quality photo. It was taken with my phone.

- Randy