Revisiting The Font: August

I’ve decided to revisit a font created in my last semester of Graphic Design. Project was to create a single weight font (not technically a family) that included numbers and symbols. I had a little less than a month to complete the project. Turned out well for the time I was given, but I’ve been wanting to tweak each glyph ever since.

Font Details:
1. 77 glyphs in total.
2. Extreme thick/thin lines.
3. Technically a slab serif, though they are nearly hairline thin.
4. Created using Adobe Illustrator and FontLab as a working TrueType font file.
5. Manually kerned each glyph, admittedly with many mistakes.



Close up of x-height:

So what do I plan on tweaking?
1. There’s actually too much consistency between each letter. Giving more character to certain letters will help.
2. Each glyph needs to be a bit wider.
3. The transition between thick and thin is harsh and will be softened with curves for a more natural look.
4. I was never happy with the uppercase Y, needs a completely different style.
5. The x-height will be the biggest change. Needs to be lowered.
6. Lastly, I need to work on proper kerning. Lots of research will be required.

I’d like to use this font for headings in future projects. Paired with a sans-serif body text sounds like a good idea. Stay tuned for updates!

- Randy

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