Love This Billboard


Driving on I-70 East bound and saw this gem. Among all the horrible billboards every 5 seconds on the highway, this one is refreshing. For several reasons:

1. Looks like a road sign. Easy to read. Simple.

2. Love the graphic of the bed.

3. All text lines up with something. What, Where, and Website are all connected with the graphic.

I believe the only disappointing element is the use of Arial Black (to the best of my knowledge). The leg of the capital ‘R’ and the sharp angle on the top of the lowercase ‘t’ bother me. I wonder what a real highway signage font would look like on this. In case you were wondering, check out the Manual of Traffic Typefaces.

Anyhow, look out for it. The billboard can be found on either side of I-70 around the Warrenton Outlet Mall. Sorry for the poor quality photo. It was taken with my phone.

- Randy

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