Lindbergh Building


Hey, I’m no architectural historian, and I never said that I was, I’m just making sure you know that… anyways, that being said, I think my favorite building in south county is the Lindbergh Building at Lindbergh and Lemay Ferry. It’s an awesome old office building from around the 60s.  or 70s.  possibly 80s but that seems ridiculous. Whatever the decade, It has some great things going for it.

As far as modern architecture goes, brutalism is on my short list of favorites. Sharp clean lines, square angles, jutting ledges – its all really quite wonderful. It reminds me of another building in St. Louis on the registry of historic buildings, the Pet Milk Building. Ive always wondered what the offices would be like on the top floor. I have now seen them and they are beyond anything I imagined. In opposition to the harsh exterior the office is made of curves and warmth. The glass ceiling creates a perfect balance with the concrete on the outside.

Office space for Sad Bird?  Im sure he would still be sad, but not about his work environment.

Check out the flickr set here.


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  1. Kevin says:

    I spent many a sick day sleeping in that big room on the top floor when I was little. Oh memories…

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