Jakeguidry.com Blog Is Up And Running

The blog is up after a complete redesign. What sparked a redesign was the client’s new direction in content. Jake says it best… “I grew tired of contributing very little to a blogosphere consumed with unoriginality, superficiality, and other such alitys that give many critics of blogging their ammo.” So, the new blog will be much more personal, and the design had to match.


I chose Times Italic for the headings for a personal look and feel. Verdana is used for the body copy for its more natural/human feel versus helvetica. Blog should easily read from left (most important) to right (least). Quality is key here, and I’m betting the content will match.

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1. Modified Blogger template
2. Width: 942px
3. Headings: Times Italic
4. Body Copy: 11px Verdana
5. Baseline: 18px
6. Posts: 10-16 words per line
7. A lot of heart and soul
8. A good old fashioned fight with template CSS

- Randy

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