Itinerary pack from my lil trip.


Earlier this summer I took a lil leap over the pond for a short jaunt to see some of Europe.  Fly into London, out of Paris.  8 museums in 8 days.  To keep straight and on the path I thought an itinerary would be in order, and, inspired by the rich past of travel went with the vintage pocket itinerary type.  

The whole feel of them is supposed to be something you might see in 1950s travel.  The itinerary consists of a package of cards with varying information; hotel info, museum hours, maps, and so on.  Some cards that share similar information from 2 cities would be templates to be filled in.  For typeface I stuck with Futura for trip logos and base text on templates.  Its an earlier type but was still very much in use in the 50′s and 60′s.  For the bulk of the text I used Courier.  As it was made for typewriters it has a very accurate feel to the period.  Even though they are all computer made, I made a lot of uneven lines and crooked type to give the appearance of being typewriter made.  

Also, the envelope was made by me using the same paper as the cards and the same bottom right LONDON | PARIS logo with simple black lines for modern design ornamentation.  

As dorky as they may be, they came in pretty useful and I dont care what you say I’m happy I made them! 

For pictures of the set, click here.


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