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I’m still forced to deal with Internet Explorer issues. So I decided to add the IE Developer Toolbar. It’s very similar to Firefox’s developer add on, Firebug, but with less features. By the way, if you don’t have Firebug, and you’re a web designer/developer, get it now! I can edit CSS and HTML and see the changes right away. If I make a mistake, no big deal, just hit refresh.

Finally I can edit CSS in IE on the fly without having to use Dreamweaver on the PC. I hear IE 8 has this extension built in. Maybe I’ll see about that, maybe not. Not sure I care that much.

Take a look at these current browser statistics. Looks like Firefox is finally leading in usage. Until IE’s usage drops to a total of 10%, I’m going to troubleshoot for it. I have to, no doubt about it.

- Randy

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