Got Lucky With The Grid

Still working on the Harmony EyeCare brochure. Inside is finished and the outside is nearly there. So today I’m waiting on photos from the client and getting the cover finished.

I can not deny that luck sometimes plays a part in design. Here is one example:
Client wanted the business card information to be placed on the cover as it is on the card. Now the grid I had made for the brochure was based solely on a 13pt baseline and 1/4in. margins left/right.

Take a look at this screen shot:

The logo and information was pasted directly from the business card and fits perfectly (and I mean perfectly) into the brochure grid. I suppose this isn’t all luck, the address and stuff has 13pt leading. But the space between “Optometrist” and “111 South…” aligns with the ascender and descender of the logo. Luck.

Talk about consistency!

- Randy

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