6 Panel Book From Graphic Design 1

I believe this was the last project from my Graphic Design 1 class back in the Community College days. I was young, naive, and knew pretty much nothing about typography. I think Goudy Stout was my favorite font at the time, but I’ve since matured.

Anyway, here are the details:
1. No computers! Couldn’t touch em during the semester.
2. Use two different magazines to combine an image with text.
3. 6 square panels including cover.
4. Black and white only.
5. Only tools were photocopier, xacto knife, and rubber cement.

My best guess is that each individual panel needs to convey the message (in this case, love) as well as when all six are combined. I’ll be the first to admit my craftsmanship needed improvement. I was a freshman, give me a break!

The 6 panel book:







- Randy

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