Found Some Floor Plans


Searching through my parents’ basement closet and found some floor plans from my highschool years. It’s your classic 70′s one-story ranch house. It was my first complete floor plan, what did you expect, a mansion?

Check out the Flickr set here.

I’m most proud of the North symbol.

Here’s some background:
I was really into architecture during highschool. Also mechanical drawing. I loved figuring out how to draw those isometric diagrams of…well actually…not sure if I ever knew the name of the object…something machine-like for sure. Learned about 10% of AutoCad Lite on the Windows 95 system. All key commands, by the way, no mouse! I actually enjoyed this method…I didn’t know any better.

Here’s what I miss:
1. Green paper.
2. Learning how to letter properly and neatly – all caps.
3. The plotter machine for printing diagrams – It was fun to watch.
4. The ammonia of the large floor plan printer.
5. Six-sided ruler for figuring out scale.
6. Mr. Evans – total blue-collar architecture teacher. And I respected him for that.

There are renderings of the outside of the house somewhere…gotta find em.

- Randy

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  1. Rich says:

    Learning that lettering was great. I remember in 8th grade shop we couldnt start our first project until he liked our lettering.

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