Evolution Of A Logo

From start to finish, this is the evolution of a logo.

Client: Jake Guidry of jakeguidry.com, a blog.
Use: Web-based identity.

Let’s start with some sketches:

The client and I discussed monograms as a starting point. After some research I became interested in 3-dimension, and was excited because I’ve only done flat so far. #3 was my real starting point. Combining the J and G into one element.

From here I went further with #3′s concept:

#4, 5, 6 all deal with isometric views. I liked them, but wanted to explore a flat base, perspective view. The client really liked #7.

So far each concept uses no real font. I wanted to show the client what these would look like using popular fonts as well:

They were interesting. But all lacked a real connection between the J and G. Seems forced.

So back to #7′s concept, I begin to vector in Illustrator:

Very happy with the progress so far. So is client.

Here is a close up, making sure all angles are correct:

All cleaned up:

At this point the logo is vectored, but still lacks something unique. I bring the idea of black stained wood to the client and he loves the idea.

Recreating wood grain, not an easy task:

To do this I superimposed a block of wood over the logo with 15% opacity. Using a tablet I made quick strokes with the brush tool to mimic the grain pattern. I don’t think I could have done this using the mouse. At this point it is still messy, with all the strokes hanging over the edges. I then cut off each over hang individually to clean up.

Here is the final product:

Client approves the final design. This is also my first time using a gradient in a logo. At least it’s subtle. The black wood grain is classy, modern, and subtle. The logo represents the client well.

Time, from start to finish: 2 weeks. I don’t usually get this lucky with an idea. But I believe this is portfolio worthy.

- Randy

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  1. Rich says:

    That does look nice. now lets carve it outa real wood

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