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You’ve selected… Brown Eyed Girl

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

I’ve probaly spent more hours watching Seinfeld than any other show or movie (Forest Gump and A League of Their Own are probably a close 2nd and 3rd). I love the little inside jokes that Seinfeld creates; the man hands, everything with Puddy, and my god, the anti-dentite.

Everytime then refrence one of their producs or movies I immediately want to create something for it. Once I found a company that had made some fake posters for Seinfelds fake movies I thought, I have to make my favorite.

Another one I really want to do is Sack Lunch.

While not my favorite character on the show, Kramer has had his moments. Drinking scotch and making a jingle for Hennigans was Kramer at his best.

If you really like, you can get the shirt, too!


Sad Bird Now Fits In Your Wallet

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010


I ordered our business cards with a couple different options. I can’t imagine not ordering more, as I’ve always thought business cards or calling cards are cool. These are the first of, I’m sure, many to come.

Sad Bird Design StandardIssue/1

Its all printed with the bird, our physical location in the world, and our footprint on the web.


Sad Bird Design SpecialIssue/1 (also seen in first image)

I also got a bunch of blank cards to stamp the bird and name on. It makes for a cool look. The bird, alone, sitting in the empty void of the card, is showing us his sadness. Then, on the reverse is the name and locale.


The blank cards actually came from the idea of hand writing each card as I gave it out. I still think it is a cool idea.



Evolution Of A Logo

Monday, September 21st, 2009

From start to finish, this is the evolution of a logo.

Client: Jake Guidry of, a blog.
Use: Web-based identity.

Let’s start with some sketches:

The client and I discussed monograms as a starting point. After some research I became interested in 3-dimension, and was excited because I’ve only done flat so far. #3 was my real starting point. Combining the J and G into one element.

From here I went further with #3′s concept:

#4, 5, 6 all deal with isometric views. I liked them, but wanted to explore a flat base, perspective view. The client really liked #7.

So far each concept uses no real font. I wanted to show the client what these would look like using popular fonts as well:

They were interesting. But all lacked a real connection between the J and G. Seems forced.

So back to #7′s concept, I begin to vector in Illustrator:

Very happy with the progress so far. So is client.

Here is a close up, making sure all angles are correct:

All cleaned up:

At this point the logo is vectored, but still lacks something unique. I bring the idea of black stained wood to the client and he loves the idea.

Recreating wood grain, not an easy task:

To do this I superimposed a block of wood over the logo with 15% opacity. Using a tablet I made quick strokes with the brush tool to mimic the grain pattern. I don’t think I could have done this using the mouse. At this point it is still messy, with all the strokes hanging over the edges. I then cut off each over hang individually to clean up.

Here is the final product:

Client approves the final design. This is also my first time using a gradient in a logo. At least it’s subtle. The black wood grain is classy, modern, and subtle. The logo represents the client well.

Time, from start to finish: 2 weeks. I don’t usually get this lucky with an idea. But I believe this is portfolio worthy.

- Randy