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Postcards For Harmony EyeCare

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Working hard this week on a few postcards and website bits for Harmony EyeCare. The doctor requested a set of postcards to remind current patients that they can order contacts on the site.

Updated on 07/10/2010 with final design.

harmony eyecare postcard front

harmony eyecare postcard back

Might put another contact lens case design into the pattern. We’ll see. The website currently has a callout for ordering contacts in the left column below the main navigation (see After approval of this concept the callout will need to match the postcard for a proper connection between the two. And probably needs to be moved to the header. Gotta keep things consistent.

Another postcard will go out soon reminding patients of their next check-up. I’ll be using a similar pattern as this one but with other elements dealing with eye exams. Update coming soon after feedback from client. Updated with images below.



- Randy

Color Palettes brought to you by Sad Bird

Saturday, January 30th, 2010


Lately I’ve been working on a few color palette ideas and looking for inspiration. Obvs, I turned to those who knew color well. The masters, if you will.┬áIn the first issue, Color Palettes vol. 1, I look at paintings by Magritte, van Gogh, and Lautrec.

I broke down what I saw as eight key colors from the paintings into their RGB and CMYK values with the latter being in their respective percentages.

Hey, I don’t know why I made them, but the idea is that if you, a designer, like an artist or painting, well, then here is a little palette to make incorporating them in to your design easy and not obvious.

Does that sound cool at all? Are there other artists you would like to see? Or, is there other information you would like to see included? How would you use it? I would absolutely love to read your comments. There is nothing I would love more.


P.S. It was a big decision on color vs. colour. In the end I tried to not be pretentious.

Click to view larger.


August: Version 2

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

In my earlier post I talked about version 1. After much research I began to work on version 2. So far the uppercase alphabet is in rough draft. Currently working on lowercase and numbers. In the meantime I am getting some professional feedback on the uppercase.

Here is rough version 2:

A few of the many changes include:
1. 20% wider
2. Thin strokes were thickened
3. Serifs extend left and right on most glyphs
4. Height of crossbars were lowered
5. Any round letter sits just below baseline

Sample words:



Sample header/body text:

Lowercase coming soon.

- Randy

Business Plan Book Design

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Completed. Printed. Delivered. It all started here: Working On A Grid. We decided on 6x9in. and adjusted the grid accordingly.

Book details:
1. 6×9 Portrait.
2. 48 pages.
3. Saddle stitched.
4. 14pt baseline.
5. 9pt Gotham Light for body copy.
6. 36pt Gotham Bold for section titles.
7. Pantone 295 C for cover/title pages.
8. Printed on 80# matte paper.
9. Cover on 100# matte paper.
10. Written by Sam Paasch.

Download the PDF here. Also available is the grid system used.

Photos of book:






Printing this book was a pretty good battle. We saw a company online that will print books for cheap. Gave it a try. Round 1: came back purple instead of blue (my fault) and glossy cover, yuck. Round 2: came back missing half the pages and terrible dark lines in the blue title pages. Round 3: switched to matte cover, fixed color issues, and all is well. Just for giggles we went to Kinkos and was quoted $60 for a 48 page book. Ha!

I need to invest in a toner printer.

- Randy

Revisiting The Font: August

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

I’ve decided to revisit a font created in my last semester of Graphic Design. Project was to create a single weight font (not technically a family) that included numbers and symbols. I had a little less than a month to complete the project. Turned out well for the time I was given, but I’ve been wanting to tweak each glyph ever since.

Font Details:
1. 77 glyphs in total.
2. Extreme thick/thin lines.
3. Technically a slab serif, though they are nearly hairline thin.
4. Created using Adobe Illustrator and FontLab as a working TrueType font file.
5. Manually kerned each glyph, admittedly with many mistakes.



Close up of x-height:

So what do I plan on tweaking?
1. There’s actually too much consistency between each letter. Giving more character to certain letters will help.
2. Each glyph needs to be a bit wider.
3. The transition between thick and thin is harsh and will be softened with curves for a more natural look.
4. I was never happy with the uppercase Y, needs a completely different style.
5. The x-height will be the biggest change. Needs to be lowered.
6. Lastly, I need to work on proper kerning. Lots of research will be required.

I’d like to use this font for headings in future projects. Paired with a sans-serif body text sounds like a good idea. Stay tuned for updates!

- Randy