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Exciting things are happening to the Sad Bird family. Soon there will be a little happy bird flying around the St. Louis headquarters. This brings a ton of joy, but also a ton of headache. I’m not worried about 4 a.m. feedings or anything like that. I’m worried about having my house overrun by primary colors. I imagine Einstein was raised among muted drab colors without the annoyance of Baby Einstein videos. And look at him; he turned out to be Einstein! Lack of inexpensive cool baby items may be a post for another day. This is about great baby design. Baby clothes!

My ideal brands to wear are Brooks Brothers and Gant. My Favorite runway shows are Prada men’s. Coats I want and can never pull the trigger on are Burberry. (See the Chicago fiasco of 2009*.) I don’t even come close to buying Burberry for me. But for my daughter, I have to talk myself out of it when I see them.

Their lil raincoats are the craziest things I’ve ever seen. It’s got the little tiny epaulettes, the gun flap, and the back rain shield. It’s all fitted and tailored. Imagine my little kid walkin’ around, going to Racs for lunch, wearing that yellow jacket with the collar up. If that’s not the coolest most adorable thing you’ve ever imagined, then I don’t know, get out of town.

In reality, it’s ridiculous and I can’t imagine spending $250 on a jacket that will get worn for 3 months. But, if you know anyone that is going to be having a kid soon, I’ll go halfsies on it.


*I tried one on. Went back the next day and tried it on again. I couldn’t do it.  I was not married, didn’t own a home**, had disposable income, wouldn’t have missed the money too bad back then. I didn’t buy it and 3 years later can’t stop thinking about.

**Look at how young, fresh, and handsome I was back then. Can you believe the picture on the right is just 3 years later? Marriage, a house, and kid on the way take its toll man.

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