alphabeasties and other Amazing Types

My copy of alphabeasties and other Amazing Types came in today. A big thank you to the good sir over at Grain Edit for letting me know about the book. Each letter of the alphabet is made into an animal using just one letter. For example, a hippopotamus is made up of h’s.

Loving everything about this book, including:
1. the funnest copyright page I’ve ever seen.
2. some pages have fold-outs like the aligator.
3. along with a big animal on each page, there are also little drawings like a fence of f’s.
4. grass is made of the word grass written over and over again.
5. guessing which font was used for each animal…there is a key at the end.

This was the kinda stuff I really enjoyed early on in the graphic design program. Playing around with letterforms and such. Say what you want, this is much more than a children’s book. It’s fun for grown ups like me who love type.

Thank you designers: Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss of Werner Design Werks, Inc. I will be following your work for now on. By the way, Sharon and Sarah, Clarendon is one of my favorite typefaces, too.

Check out some photos of the book:





Buy a copy. It’s worth it.

- Randy

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