All Souls Mid-Century Church


Hey, I know almost nothing about this church or their beliefs – and really, I don’t care. From the sign out front I gathered that it’s the All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church in Kansas City, which, I mean, could be a cool thing. I’m sure its members enjoy it. I just saw it across from the Kemper and took its picture.

Mid-Century design, architecture – furniture – advertising, is a huge interest of mine and the All Souls building fits in with that.  Some of the things I love about it are its straight clean lines. The flat roof, divisions in the windows and doors, the balance between the large flat space of the brick on the left and the short but with more visual interest entrance, all speak to aspects of Mid-Century modern that I love more than anything in this whole world!

- Rich

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  1. heyitsmejake says:

    60s architecture was the red-headed stepchild of design less than 10 years ago. it’s some of my favorite stuff currently. You should check out CoolBloom for some ridiculously cool architecture:

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