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Color Palettes brought to you by Sad Bird

Saturday, January 30th, 2010


Lately I’ve been working on a few color palette ideas and looking for inspiration. Obvs, I turned to those who knew color well. The masters, if you will.┬áIn the first issue, Color Palettes vol. 1, I look at paintings by Magritte, van Gogh, and Lautrec.

I broke down what I saw as eight key colors from the paintings into their RGB and CMYK values with the latter being in their respective percentages.

Hey, I don’t know why I made them, but the idea is that if you, a designer, like an artist or painting, well, then here is a little palette to make incorporating them in to your design easy and not obvious.

Does that sound cool at all? Are there other artists you would like to see? Or, is there other information you would like to see included? How would you use it? I would absolutely love to read your comments. There is nothing I would love more.


P.S. It was a big decision on color vs. colour. In the end I tried to not be pretentious.

Click to view larger.


August: Version 2

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

In my earlier post I talked about version 1. After much research I began to work on version 2. So far the uppercase alphabet is in rough draft. Currently working on lowercase and numbers. In the meantime I am getting some professional feedback on the uppercase.

Here is rough version 2:

A few of the many changes include:
1. 20% wider
2. Thin strokes were thickened
3. Serifs extend left and right on most glyphs
4. Height of crossbars were lowered
5. Any round letter sits just below baseline

Sample words:



Sample header/body text:

Lowercase coming soon.

- Randy